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What is HumanCoin?
Our philosophy
With the dawn of blockchain and proliferation of use of cryptocurrencies a lot of charities and foundations started to experiment with crypto donations: the Red Cross, Wikimedia Foundation, Save the Children, and many others accepted Bitcoin or Ethereum for some period of their activity in a bid to make the process of giving for the best causes easier and more accessible internationally. The monetary outcomes of these endeavors were huge - for instance, Fidelity Charitable - the American nonprofit managing the country's largest donor-advised fund claimed to have raised $69 million in crypto donations in 2017.
The Alternative was founded
First rescue operation: 5 people were released from forced labor in Dagestan, three slaveholders were convicted. The operation attracted significant attention to the problem of slavery in Russia
Slavery patterns and routes were drastically undermined. More than 1000 people are released by Alternative since 2011 with hundreds' life conditions improved
The Аlternative opens international offices and offices in Harare (Zimbabwe), Juba (South Sudan), Tel Aviv (Israel), Ulaanbaatar (Mongolia), Vienna (Austria)
The Alternative concludes cooperation agreements with the OSCE, UN, The International Organization for Migration
HumanCoin was created
Conclusion of an agreement with the telecommunications company Zain on the creation of a joint project, scheduled for the beginning of 2021
A large advertising company has begun that will help promote our cryptocurrency
HumanCoin is sold on major exchanges
Major international organizations and government agencies use HumanCoin for charitable donations
The Alternative reaches the world level at the expense of funds raised during the sales of HumanCoin
Main factors that have been halting charity movement since its very dawn
Scam and fraud are poisoning charity movements across the world

By placing the whole donation process onto blockchain technology, HumanCoin allows for complete transaparency and auditability of chairitable activites. Now you can see where exactly your donation went and how it helped others.
When people donate, they never expect
their money to return

With HumanCoin you now buy tokens when making donations. Instead of your money going to charity budget and being spent for good, it is now exchanged for HumanCoins that are stored on your cryptowallet and which gain value with time after listings on crypto exchanges and growth of international community's support.
Borders, legislations and politics often represent a detriment for charity

Cryptocurrencies are utterly valued for their ability to make the world economy practically borderless. Charity can benefit hugely from blockchain. People and organizations can now buy HumanCoins with other cryptocurrencies and even with fiat from all corners of the globe.
How will HumanCoin be used?
HumanCoin will be used to certify the enterprise of child slavery and labor, in addition to that, we envision collaborations with other charitable foundations to make the whole charity more transparent and all transactions will be recorded by blockchain.
How do I purchase HumanCoin?
Initially there were presales for $1, accordingly they are closed at the moment. HumanCoin can be purchased by institutional investors and strategic partners. In general, currency can be purchased on the exchange at the price of the exchange, which is always changing.
What to do if you did not get HumanCoin at the presale stage?
Do not worry, contact our support team and you will be sent detailed instructions. In case you were not sent HumanCoin yet, do not worry, they will still come in 1$ per Coin.
Who is the creator of HumanCoin?
The creator of HumanCoin is Alternative, which is fighting slavery around the world. To improve the anti-slavery situation, it was decided to create HumanCoin.
What is the HumanCoin issue?
HumanCoin has a total of 46 million units of currency issued, which is a symbolic figure for the number of people in slavery around the world. With each person we set free, one Coin will be destroyed. Our goal is to keep the number of Coins to a minimum.
What should I do if I don't see Coins in my wallet?
Contact our information service on the specified contacts: human@alternative.help
How can I sell HumanCoin?
Through the exchanges on which you can buy and sell our coins, as well as by personal agreement with the buyer.
What platform is your Coin based on?
ERC 20 Ethereum
Advisors / Partners
Emmanuel Greenspan
«The Alternative does an outstanding job in places where the state rests helpless in front of slave traders. I believe that HumanCoin is going to help to overcome the major challenges faced by charity avtivities today.»
Thomas Jackson
«Those working at The Alternative show a good deal of guts. They are often faced with the threat of violence when they confront slave owners, but I haven't known them to flinch. HumanCoin is represent charity 2.0.»
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Beatings and death threats are part of daily life for two activists who save people enslaved in the remote of...
It was flat and dusty in the north-eastern corner of Chechnya; stunted trees dotted the landscape and sheep nibbled at the little...
It was one of the worst examples yet to come to light of how badly migrant workers from places like Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan...
In 2009, Fatima Musabaeva from Kazakhstan filed a criminal complaint against the owners of the grocery store chain...
About The Alternative
«Alternative» is an international volunteers' movement that was initiated in 2011 by a Russian human rights activist Oleg Melnikov who was motivated by humane desire to help victims of modern slavery to flee this terrible condition and to provide them with means to start a new, free, life.

«Alternative» strives to help those who are forced into involuntary labour, sexual slavery or beggary. It also provides relief to victims of domestic violence.

«Alternative» is the only organisation of its kind, conducting hands-on rescue operations both in Russia and beyond. It helps the survivers of human trafficking to safely return home, or to find refuge elsewhere. If needed, psychological, legal and employment help is also offered by the members of the organization. Quite often activists provide assistance to those compatriots, who due to some kind of unfortunate circumstances, such as loss of identification documents, were forced to stay abroad illegally and had no resources to return home.
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Our team
The smart and brave people who work in Alternative want to change the world and eradicate slavery and human trafficking
Oleg Melnikov
Founder & CEO
Alexey Nikitin
Customer Support
Vera Gracheva
Design Director
Zakir Ismailov
Marketing Director
Modern slavery
Slavery, albeit an ancient term, remains one of the most pressing and serious issues of the modern world. Essentially, it refers to situations of exploitation that a person cannot refuse or leave because of threats, violence, coercion, deception, and/or abuse of power. Centuries later it has shaped into the following types:
Labor trafficking
Sexual slavery
Forced marriage
Family slavery
Beggar slavery
Trafficking in organs;
Child trafficking
Child soldiers
Breakdown of global slavery